The Rippy Effect Corporation

CEO- Jackie Hunter
CEO- Jackie Hunter

The Rippy Effect Corporation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to
inspire young people who are underrepresented in STEM careers to seek STEM careers.

The Rippy Effect Corporation produces an informative TV show on Public-Access TV called The Rippy Effect. The host and CEO of the corporation, Jackie Hunter, interviews female and minority scientists, engineers, doctors and others involved in STEM careers. Guests share their job responsibilities, scholarships, internships and grants that were available to them.

The Rippy Effect Corporation also provides scholarships to Science and Technology Camps for underprivileged middle and high school students.

Why was The Rippy Effect Corporation founded in 2019? Jackie Hunter, the CEO and former science teacher, said she was saddened to see so many young people in poverty without a dream of ever escaping it. And those who managed to go to college on student loans, graduated with back-bending debt, but no good-paying jobs.

She wants young people to know that there are scholarships and grant money available for STEM careers. She also believes if young people see themselves in her guest on The Rippy Effect TV Show, they might believe they could see themselves in a STEM career. She tells young people, “Go to college on a STEM scholarship and graduate without debt. Graduate and have great income in a STEM (science, technology, engineer, mathematic) career.”

Willie Rippy
Willie Rippy

Her late brother, Willie Rippy, escaped poverty as a metallurgist where he used math, science and technology to solve problems. He was an exemplary example of a young black man who escaped poverty by seeking a STEM career. Thus the name of the corporation was named in his honor.

She says that STEM careers are not for everyone but could be for many if they are exposed to it.

The Rippy Effect Corporation operates through contributions, in-kind donations and proceeds from fund-raising events.

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The Rippy Effect hosted by Jackie Hunter

What do you visualize when you think of a scientist? Host Jackie Hunter interviews Jackie Hunter headshotfemale and minority scientists, and doctors. Learn about their careers and scholarships, grants and internships that they used to get their dream careers. Watch on Comcast channel 95 and Verizon channel 36 – August 2020, Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Department of Defense (DOD) Stem careers : life science, computer sciences and information, mathematics and related sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, engineering technicians, life and physical science technicians, architects, health practitioners, health technicians.



TV Host: Jackie Hunterbutton
Executive Producer: Jackie Hunter
Creative Consultant: Yemaja Jubileebutton (1)
Videographers: Michael Hall, James Spain & Daryl Tyler
Music: VOLTAIRE by Eric Stanley
Special thanks to Rita Moore, Monica L. Ball, Roi Boyd & Belinda Todd



Jackie Hunter grew up in Richmond, Virginia and holds a Masters of Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has a lifetime membership in the National Parent and Teacher Association. She now divides her time between Richmond, Virginia and Suwanee, Georgia, where her daughter Ramirra and son-in-law, Jerry Stackhouse maintain a home.

Her debut novel was Lost in the Red Hills of Mars. Accompanying workbook Lost in the Red Hills of Mars Reading Comprehension and Activity Workbook now available!



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